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Cryptocurrencies: Opportunities, Challenges and Profitability in the Migration from Main Street to the City

The Mankoff Company

03 Apr 2014


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A Discussion for Institutions, Traders, Hedge Funds and Others in the Financial Technology Markets

3 April, 2014, London

Every day there is an article or comment on cryptocurrencies - whether it is Bitcoin or one of the other currencies currently being traded globally. According to a recent article, "The internet-based protocol behind bitcoin has the power to disrupt and transform the FinTech industry, and the cryptocurrency's recent endorsements from well-respected investors provide a critical first step toward legitimacy." These panel discussions address the movement of trade of cryptocurrencies from Main Street to the City. But how do you gain on these opportunities? Is it just a bubble, another speculative commodity or something more? What regulation will be instituted and how will that affect trading? Issues addressed include: Regulation and Regulatory Impact; Steps to becoming a cryptocurrency trader and investment opportunities in cryptocurrencies and bitcoin companies. This is the first event to target solely those in the traditional financial community and offers a unique opportunity to gain a real understanding of the works of bitcoin and other digital currencies.

In these informative panel discussions, and partnering with the Mastercoin Protocol, we hear from experienced professionals in the industry on these issues and more. Held after trading hours so as not to take time off the desk, these discussions are immediately followed by a networking reception to continue the discussion and exchange of ideas. Join us on Thursday, 3rd April and learn why 2000+ of your industry colleague have attended Mankoff Company events.

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