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Collateral World Summit

23 Sep 2014 - 24 Sep 2014


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Collateral World Summit - London


Contact: Letty Thomas

Prepare your company to manage, optimise and monetise collateral to reduce your trading costs, strengthen liquidity and manage your liabilities

Against rising collateral requirements as well as regulatory capital requirements, the cost of funding collateral tops the agenda of much of the banking industry.

Collateral has moved from a back office operation to a significantly important front office exercise. The need to optimise inventory assets is a strategic imperative for liquidity and balance sheet management and investment strategy.

Addressing the challenges facing the optimisation, transformation and monetisation opportunities for liquidity and investment return, this event will examine every stage of the collateral continuum - from counterparty risk, cost/return components, including the current and regulatory impact at each and every stage.

At the Collateral World Summit you'll get:

  • The true costs of clearing: Key metrics for measuring and comparing the costs of different central clearing strategy so you stay on top of risk and costs!

  • Ahead of the game: Find out what implementation is needed on key EMIR, Dodd Frank, and BASEL III regulations now and in the future to plan your operational change effectively and efficiently

  • Identify new uses for collateral: Hear from major pension,asset,hedege and insurance funds on their collateral optimization and allocation strategies and learn abotu the business cases for extending this into trasnformation and trading

  • Increase return: Discover how to transform collateral to monetise inventory whilst maintaining key liquidity thresholds

  • Be ready for change! Improve your operational readiness for major regulatory reform with EMIR and Basel III by understanding how to implement major infrastructure, reporting, and IT reforms

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