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OpRisk NY

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18 Nov 2014

New York

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Operational risk is an important, sometimes undervalued aspect of any company, especially financial. Attend OpRisk NY to hear about best practices in stress tests; compare the perspectives of large financial institutions and alternative investors; and learn how to incorporate cyber security into your operational risk strategy. Come to OpRisk NY with an appetite for learning and leave with new contacts and a refreshed view on what your firm can do to mitigate operational risk.

Keynote Address by Marco Migueis of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors

Marco Migueis Headshot

Discussions will cover:

  • Taking the Stress Test
  • Evolving the OpRisk Framework for the Enterprise
  • Effective Cyber-Security Strategies
  • Assessing the OpRisk of Doing Business
  • Using Operational Loss Data to Bolster ORM
  • Applying OpRisk to Financial Product Development

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