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Enterprise Risk Management

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02 Dec 2014 - 03 Dec 2014

New York

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Hear From More Than 25 Senior Risk Professionals Including:

  • Jacob Rosengarten, Chief Enterprise Risk Officer, XL Group
  • Ken Phelan RBS Americas, Chief Risk Officer, RBS Americas
  • Elizabeth Ward, Chief Enterprise Risk Officer, MassMutual
  • Amy Butler, Chief Risk Officer, Legal & General America
  • Mark Abbott, Head of Quantitative Risk, Guardian Life
  • Jon Hill,Head Market & Op Risk Model Valid., Morgan Stanley
  • Jay Cook, Chief Risk Officer, Lloyds Banking Group
  • Ann Rodriguez, Head of Enterprise & Operational Risk, GE Capital
  • Brian LoBalbo, Director, ERM, Capital One
  • Khanh Vuong, Chief Risk Officer,KFSB
  • Sanjay Sharma, CRO, Global Arb. & Trad., RBC CM
  • David D'Amico, Director, ERM, Mitsubishi UFJ

Critical Discussions On:

  • Understanding regulatory requirements and creating a sustainable business model
  • Successfully integrating silo's, business lines and communication
  • Defining what is a model and how to manage, monitor and measure them
  • Using ERM for business and strategic decisions
  • Effective Governance of Enterprise Risk Management
  • Practically implementing a risk appetite framework supported by risk culture
  • Integrating Enterprise wide stress tests for better risk quantification, driving business decisions and adding value
  • Practically implementing ERM in a SME environment

Other Speakers Include:

  • Head of Risk Analytics & Capital Planning, GE Capital
  • Head of Operational Risk, RBS Americas
  • Director, Enterprise Risk Management, Bank of America
  • Director, Enterprise Risk Analysis Division, OCC
  • Director, Model Risk Management, AIG
  • VP, Portfolio Risk Management, Deutsche Bank
  • Risk Management Team Leader, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago
10 'Not To Miss' Highlights For 2014:
  1. Hear presentations and discussions from More Than 25 Senior Risk Professionals from institutions including Morgan Stanley, Bank of America, RBS, Lloyds Banking Group, Capital One, Deutsche Bank and AIG
  2. Network with 150+ Likeminded Senior Risk Professionals and experts in Enterprise Risk Management across 2 Days
  3. Join the discussion on how CROs from RBC Capital Markets, Lloyd's Banking Group and RBS are effectively addressing regulatory requirements to implement compliance into a sustainable business model
  4. Bank of America and KFSB discuss the tools required in determining an Effectively, Integrated Organizational Structure for institutions both above and below $50Bn
  5. Understand how Capital One are effectively Implementing A Risk Appetite Framework and weaving it into setting A Culture Of Managed Risk Taking
  6. Best practices and lessons learned from Morgan Stanley and GE Capital on Managing, Monitoring And Measuring Model Risk and a greater understanding of What Is Defined As A Model
  7. Guardian Life and Legal & General America discuss how to use ERM As A Tool For Making Business And Strategic Decisions
  8. Insights from Commonfund, Everest Re, AIG and OCC into Effectively Conducting Stress Tests, using them as a tool for Adding Value To The Enterprise And Driving Business Decisions and Building Realistic Scenarios For Risk Quantification
  9. Latest insights from Mitsubishi UFJ on Measuring, Managing And Aggregating Risks
  10. Discuss with Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago and RBS Americas an organizations exposure to Cyber Attacks and methods for Implementing Safe Guards

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