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Real-Time Analytics, Making better, faster business decisions


29 Jan 2015


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Background & Relevance

Real-Time Analytics (RTA) helps organisations to gain immediate insights into their data, providing ultra-fast, flexible analytics of streaming data and enabling them to make better, faster business decisions. While there is no doubt that business intelligence is fundamental to growing and managing a successful business, many organisations have not yet managed to use business analytics to optimise everyday business operations. High velocity non-transactional (Big) Data is now being analysed and captured at scale in everyday business operations. The requirement and perspective of Big Data makes scalability imperative. Therefore NoSQL DBMSs such as Cassandra and document databases are used to capture shopping cart data, clickstream data, markets data, sensor data and machine generated log data, all of which are new high value data sources available for analysis. Integrating traditional BI and big data operational analytics into business operations would move companies beyond traditional use business intelligence (BI) towards using operational BI and analytics for right-time business process optimisation. This conference addresses how to do this to create the 'always on' Smart Business.

Speakers at this conference focus on the rationale and the use cases for real-time analytics; its application in multiple sectors; and the challenges, the do's and the don'ts of implementing these powerful new technologies and tools.

Target Audience

Real-Time Analytics enables continuous business optimisation and is relevant to a growing number of industry sectors, including e-commerce, gaming, telecommunications, finance, advertising, retail, manufacturing, government and utilities.

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