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STAC Summit - London

STAC (Securities Technology Analysis Center)

04 Jun 2015


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STAC Summits are the leading forums where innovative technologies come face-to-face with important engineering challenges in finance.

2015 is not short on challenges. The sell side needs to free up capital by demonstrating better risk management to regulators while preserving capital by reducing costs. The buyside is pursuing new data and analytics while aggressively automating not just trade execution--where robots are driving latency lower across more asset classes and geos--but also the development of trading strategies themselves. And both sides face new demands to guard against detrimental actions of insiders and outsiders.

These challenges require software and hardware that is capable of executing new business logic at speed and scale, supplying it with data as fast as it can be consumed, and doing so as securely and cheaply as possible.

STAC Summits bring together industry leaders from top financial and technology firms to discuss ways to meet these needs. As one of our attendees put it last year, STAC Summits have "a very high proportion of signal to noise" compared to other conferences.

If you'd like to attend, please register at the relevant link here. And as we refine the agendas, please contact us with any requests.

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