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World Commodities Week Europe 2015


21 Oct 2015 - 22 Oct 2015

Jumeirah Carlton, London

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The 11th annual World Commodities Week is once again bringing together the entire commodity investment community in one place at one time. We continue our commitment to providing our investors, managers and consultants with a 2 day opportunity to explore strategic opportunities to access best returns.

Continuing our commitment to provide you with the best networking and learning opportunities, we have already confirmed pioneers and experts from UBS, BlackRock, the IMF, ICE, Macquarie, SGX, Goldman Sachs, VTB Capital, Societe Generale, World Bank, Macquarie and Credit Suisse who are looking forward to sharing their experience and views with you.

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If you need to meet with the brightest minds, pre-qualified investors, thought leaders and experts in this sector then World Commodities Week 2015 is the event offering you the opportunity to sit down with all of these in one place.

10 reasons to attend:

  1. Hear from industry experts such as Paul Donovan, Global Chief Economist, UBS as he provides insights into the macroeconomic environment and the prospects for inflation and relative demand patterns
  2. Discuss global macro trends such as, whether shifting fundamentals impact commodity indexing and whether commodity ETF's are becoming a more attractive investment product at interactive roundtable sessions to make well informed decisions on your portfolio allocation
  3. Learn whether the likes of Wimmer Financial LLp and other institutional investors are still seeing a case for investing in commodities and analyse why you should too
  4. Discover to what extent the steady move east of commodity trading means we will see a dominant Asian hub emerge and what impact this will have on your investment decisions from the viewpoint of Singapore Stock Exchange
  5. Gain first-hand knowledge on the geopolitical and environmental challenges experts from the World Bank are seeing in the market and how to best position yourself to counter these
  6. Listen to Credit Suisse exploring the best way to utilise risk premia strategies during interactive roundtable discussions
  7. Discuss inflation, diversification and performance within the commodities world and discover compelling reasons for allocating to commodities
  8. Be part of discussions exploring what level of sustainability you should be looking for in your future agriculture investments
  9. Take advantage of our ample networking opportunities including 1-2-1 partnering using our own networking manager, our event app, dedicated networking lunches and exciting drinks reception
  10. Get involved in our interactive panel debates and interviews on burning issues within the commodities space to find out which way the industry is heading

If you are part of the commodities community, this is the annual meeting you cannot miss out on. To find out more, view the event brochure now

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