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The 13th Automatic Exchange of Information Congress

Osney Finance

10 Nov 2015 - 11 Nov 2015


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The congress is packed full of unique, original and industry-leading insights imparted by true champions in their field. In addition to the wide variety of learning sessions led by these tax leaders, delegates will be able to solve issues together and brainstorm with one another during interactive group discussions.


You'll learn as much through conversations with your fellow attendees as you will from the specialists billed within the programme. Many of your peers will be facing the same problems that you're striving to overcome - discussing these with your senior counterparts from across the industry will help ensure that the solutions you implement are effective and efficient.

That's why you'll have extensive opportunities to share experiences with your peers from across the industry. The agenda will include multiple deep-dive roundtable discussions and interactive brainstorming groups, where you'll dive into the core of the varied issues associated with EoI compliance. Joining you in these sessions will be others who are currently facing similar challenges within their organisations. Additionally, you'll benefit from long networking breaks throughout the congress, where you can build connections with your peers in a more informal environment.


Industry-specific case studies on EoI

Global AEoI updates - CRS, FATCA and beyond

AEoI agreements' interactions with withholding tax treaties

Lessons learnt from the first round of FATCA reporting?

CRS and FATCA deep dive - key differentials and areas of crossover for reporting

Best practice for understanding and interpreting recent CRS guidelines

CRS across territories - understanding variance and best practice for global reporting

Fitting Exchange of Information compliance within the organisation

Ensure clients assist you with your CRS compliance obligations

Mastering the technical side of reporting

Industry-specific roundtable discussions on EoI

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