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Getting compliant ready for MiFID II - The New Trading Landscape

Orc Group

12 Nov 2015

Andaz Hotel, London

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Join Orc Group and a specialist panel of guests for an innovative breakfast meeting to learn more about how MiFID II will transform trading and transparency in the capital markets and what the recommended next steps are to ensure your readiness.

With a little less than 18 months to go until the impending MiFID II regulations, now more than ever is the time for the industry to assess the strategic and operational impacts of the new MiFID II regulations. MiFID II is both more prescriptive and wide in scope compared to MiFID I. It's stated aim of bringing new levels of transparency to Europe's markets translates into new rules around internal order-matching, trade-reporting, testing of algorithms, post-trade workflow and whole of other areas of securities business.

The technology generating speed, the programs controlling trading decisions and the firms leveraging this software are all affected by the new regulations. Significantly, any firm considered to have aspects of its business that qualify it as 'high-speed' or 'algorithmic' will need to comply with additional MiFID II rules.

Do you have your business strategy, operations and technology in place? If not, now is the time to make those decisions and get started.

One of the key decisions will revolve around how much time, effort and money will be required to comply and whether certain affected business activities warrant the investment.

Date: Thursday 12th, November 2015
Time: 8.00am (Breakfast & Registration) 8.30am - 10.30 am (Main event)
Venue: Andaz Hotel
40 Liverpool Street,


* MiFID II effects on market structure.
* Business opportunities in a new environment.
* Execution cornerstones.The where, when, how and what?
* What does compliant ready really mean?
- The challenge of storing and analyzing vast amounts of data.
- The challenge of comparing data from different venues focusing on clock synchronizing and geographical distance.

Speakers include:

Christer Wennerberg, Head of Market Structure, Orc Group
Stephen Hanks, Manager, Financial Conduct Authority
Brendan Bradley, Member, Eurex Executive Board

Secure your seat by registering here by Wednesday 3rd November 2015.

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