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The Trading Show West Coast


03 Mar 2016

San Francisco

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Trading Show West Coast unites delegates from leading West Coast quant funds, trading firms, banks, asset managers and vendors to network, strategize and uncover the latest technology solutions powering the industry. Over the past two years, it has played host to globally recognized quant gurus like David Leinweber, leading money managers like former Mellon Capital President Lex

Huberts, and Silicon Valley tech wizards from Google, Microsoft and YouTube.

Drawing a bigger crowd each year, there is no better venue for making new connections and conducting business with BlackRock, Wells Fargo, Bank of the West, PIMCO, PAAMCO, Tulip Trading, Passport Capital, Charles Schwab and other leading West Coast trading firms, banks, asset managers and quant funds.

Now, in 2016, with an infusion of exciting new content and dynamic formats including roundtables, panels, inspiring sessions, 1-2-1 partnering and Speed Networking, this year is set to be the biggest and best event yet! You should join us too. If you're not, you're missing out!

Traders and investors will be attending expert-led sessions to find out:

  • How semantic technology will be a game-changer for finance
  • How the latest technology solutions are powering modern day quantitative trading
  • How to separate fact from fiction and fad from trend when it comes to smart beta
  • How a deep learning model called Long Short Term Memory (LSTM) can be applied to historical S&P 500 index futures data to enhance a trading strategy
  • How to measure the collective impact of blockchain, robo-advisors and the most disruptive financial technology startups shaking up Wall Street
  • How to stay on top of all the latest innovation across algorithmic trading technology and infrastructure while learning how to wire your firm for success
  • How to tap into and unleash the predictive power of financial data
  • How trade overcrowding threatens the global markets

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