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ICDA Blockchain Conference


19 Apr 2016 - 20 Apr 2016


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ICDA Blockchain Conference
Beyond the technology buzz, how is the blockchain shaping the future of banks, exchanges, derivatives markets and commodities from a business development perspective?

This conference is not for techy geeks but looks at the blockchain from a business development perspective. Actually, the blockchain is now recognised as a disruptive force in its own right and is about much more than the cryptocurrencies it was first designed to support. Perhaps the most significant technological development since the advent of the internet, the blockchain will have a direct impact on the way in which banks, exchanges and derivatives markets operate in the future. The ICDA Blockchain Conference will explore how the particular qualities of this new technology will change the face of business for exchanges, banks, CCPs and the industry at large. What are the implications of efficiency step-changes, trustlessness, transparency, security and regulation and what are the opportunities for product development and new business? Who will be the winners and losers?

Note: ICDA members receive a discount of 50% on the conference fees.

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