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2nd Annual Credit Risk Management Forum

GLC Europe

19 May 2016 - 20 May 2016


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Risk Management is a hot topic wherever we go. After the financial crisis and credit crunch hit the world economies the importance of Credit Risk Management emerged even more. Credit Portfolios, Credit Scoring and Creditworthiness of individuals and companies are common terms in the everyday life of the financial sector.

During this event - following in the footsteps of our renowned Risk Management Series - the participants will hear about the updates and reviews on regulations and other frameworks such as IFSR 9, SSM, Basel III, Basel IV, SA-CCR, CEM, JQIS, LGD monitoring, PD term-structure, NPL portfolios, CvaR, RWA, Stress-tests, CVA and xVA Framework, and many more, gain insight to Credit Risk Modeling, Validation, and Counterparty Credit Risk. Furthermore they can also build long lasting business relationships with the representatives of the most significant financial institutions of Europe.

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