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Essentials of MiFID 2 Time Compliance, London

STAC (Securities Technology Analysis Center)

09 May 2016


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MiFID 2 imposes requirements for time synchronisation and sequence numbering of specific pre-trade and trade events occurring in European markets. Regulated firms may face technical challenges with achieving compliance, business challenges around proving compliance, or both.

To help firms jump-start their planning, STAC is holding a workshop in London on May 9 (the day before the next STAC Summit). This full-day workshop will methodically cover the regulations, time measurement, synchronising business clocks, wire capture, application timestamping, UTC traceability, sequence numbering, business-process impact, and other topics that are key to planning.

The workshop and associated activities will provide a foundation for individuals who are relatively new to the domain, as well as fill in gaps for those who are familiar but would like a cohesive, structured approach.

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