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STAC Summit, London

STAC (Securities Technology Analysis Center)

10 May 2016


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Note: This STAC Summit comes the day after the Essentials of MiFID 2 Time Compliance workshop in London on May 9 in the same location.

STAC Summits bring together industry leaders from top financial and technology firms to discuss the latest business issues and technical trends affecting:

  • architecture
  • app development and optimization
  • infrastructure engineering
  • operational intelligence.

This STAC Summit will kick off with advanced topics related to MiFID 2 time sync, then segue to other topics related to realtime data processing, alpha generation, risk management and other business imperatives involving fast data, big data, and big compute:

  • Fast data. Event-driven workloads that are latency sensitive and/or throughput intensive, primarily in automated trading (including HFT): market data, trading & matching algorithms, trade execution, and trade-time risk.
  • Big data. Data-bound workloads such as tick analytics, strategy research and backtesting, fraud detection, credit quality prediction, predictive prospecting, social media analytics for trading, and operational risk & compliance.
  • Big compute. Challenging computational finance tasks in areas such as derivatives pricing, market risk management, credit risk management, portfolio optimization, collateral management, and strategy backtesting.

Come to hear leading ideas and exchange views with your peers. Feel free to check out previous agendas , and if you have ideas for the agenda, please contact us .

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