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OneTick and Hadoop: Enhancing OneTick's Analytical Engine with the MapReduce Computational Model


26 Apr 2016

San Francisco, Chicago, New York, London

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Discover how OneTick Map-Reduce is a Hadoop-based solution combining OneTick's analytical engine with the MapReduce computational model that can be used to perform distributed computations over large volumes of financial tick data.

OneTick Map-Reduce is a solution to leverage elastic computation by dynamically distributing both data and computation across a Hadoop cluster.

Join this webinar to find out how OneTick's large collection of built-in analytical functions and query design can easily leverage the Hadoop middleware framework for large scale parallel processing.

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DATE: Tuesday, April 26
7:30 AM San Francisco
9:30 AM Chicago
10:30 AM New York
3:30 PM London

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