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European RegTech

Kisaco Research

12 Oct 2016


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Welcome to RegTech 2016

The decision of the UK to leave the European Union, has plunged the financial services industry into uncertainty. This will be the 'mother of all change programmes' and systems will need to be more flexible than previously required. Minimising uncertainty is the order of the day, it is time for industry wide discussion.

Brexit apart, compliance spending for large multinational banks is regularly upwards of $1 billion and Citi Bank have 26,000 compliance staff earning on average $60,000 dollars. According to Schroders it's only a matter of time before Shareholders begin to kick up a fuss about the cost of regulation.

The European RegTech Congress will provide a platform for the discussions really needed to move the space forward. With a dedicated track to exploring the realities of Regtech adoption, how to harmonise wide ranging platforms and the standards the technology needs to meet. Our practical 'RegTech in Action' track featuring dedicated seminars on topics such as the impact the move to Mifid II will have and how RegTech can manage Post-Brexit uncertainty.

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