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Risk Management & Trading Conference 2017

RiskMathics Financial Institute

21 Jun 2017 - 24 Jun 2017

Mexico City

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RiskMathics Financial Institute invites you to be part of the 6th edition of the Risk Management & Trading Conference that will take place from 21st to 24th of June in Mexico City.

Be part of more than 30 workshops, conferences & seminars hosted by top practitioners and experts worldwide.

Confirmed Speakers

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Risk Management Workshops

- Asset & Liability Management
- CCAR: Comprehensive Capital Analysis & Review
- Counterparty Risk and CVA - xVA
- Credit Scorecard Development and Implementation
- Machine Learning for Credit Risk Modeling in MATLABĀ®
- Managing Operational Risk under Standardised Measurment Approach (SMA)
- Market Risk and Fundamental Review of the Trading Book (FRTB)
- Solvency Capital Requirement
- Operational Risk and Business Continuity Management
- Risk Management Dimensions in the Creation of Value in Banking
- Risk and Portfolio Management for Quantitative Investors
- Risk Modeling to Adjust Credit Portfolio Profitability
- Technology Risk and Cybersecurity for Financial Services

Trading & Quantitative Finance Workshops

- Convertible Bonds and other Hybrid Instruments
- Investment & Trading Strategies with ETFs
- Managing a CVA and xVa Trading Desks
- Multi-curve Fixed Income Modeling
- Trading Book vs Banking Book
- Trading Volatility in the Real World (Emanuel Derman, Bruno Dupire, Peter Carr)

Asset & Portfolio Management Workshops

- Portfolio Management
- Family Offices: Building, Management and Operation
- Investment Portfolio Management in Mexico
- Investment and Risk Management in MATLABĀ®
- Performance and Risk Attribution

FinTech Workshops

- Applied Portfolio Theory and Robo Advising
- Bitcoin and Blockchain Trading Strategies
- Data Optimization for Financial Markets
- Digital Asset Management and Robo Advising
- FinTech: Future Business and Distribution Models

Regulation Workshops

- IFRS9: Implementation and Interpretation
- Market and Counterparty Risk Prudential Framework: Internal Models and Regulatory Evolutions
- Financial Regulatoy Issues: Past, Present and Future

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