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2017 Edition: Third Party Risk Management for Banks & Financial Services

marcus evans

07 Jun 2017 - 08 Jun 2017


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Bolstering the Scope and Effectiveness of Vendor Risk Management Practices to Satisfy Regulatory Rigor and Prevent Reputational Fallout

High-profile data breaches, operational setbacks, and reputational fallout are just a few of the repercussions that financial institutions may face if they fail to perform adequate diligence and oversight on their third parties. Vendor management is not a new challenge to the industry-but vendor risk is still considered a critical threat due to the level of regulatory rigor, the amount of vendors within the supply chain, and the strain on enterprise resources. Even with numerous interpretations of regulations and guidelines, best practices continuously emerge and refine to optimally mitigate third party risk and transform risky partnerships into strategic assets.

The 2017 Edition: Third Party Risk Management for Banks & Financial Services Conference will address key topics such as: building a versatile third party risk team, preparing regulatory examinations, governance models, vendor sourcing and procurement, fourth party management, drafting contracts, identifying critical vendors, regulatory Q&A, safeguarding sensitive data, classifying cyber risks, exposing hidden risk through audit reports, plus much more!

Key Topics

  • Engineer and implement a vendor risk management structure that accounts for organizational complexities and resources
  • Fortify information security protocols with technology service providers and bridge the gap between IT and other business units
  • Design playbooks to meet regulatory examinations and plan for service resumption and recovery
  • Enhance third party monitoring strategies to ensure compliance and operational soundness
  • Prepare for changes and new levels of regulatory scrutiny to avoid costly fines and reputational damage

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