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Essex Radez network expansion

First Published 1st January 1970

Essex Radez expands exchange feed offering at Equinix NY4 site in Secaucus

Mike Eichin, director of market data operations, Essex Radez: "Being located at the site of three SFTI-pops has allowed us to extend the SFTI network into NY4."

Essex Radez has announced that it has expanded its presence at the Equinix NY4 data center in Secaucus, New Jersey, to insure the availability of all North American exchange feeds and execution links, including those delivered by SFTI. Feeds not originating at the Secaucus site are being delivered via multiple GigE lines on the Radez V-Tick network which connects NY4 with Radez sites at NYSE's 55 Water Street and Weehawken facilities, as well as the Radez facility at the Equinix center in Chicago.

Subscribers can access the Radez delivered exchange feeds through the firm's own KMD API or in native exchange format. The company states that this will make the network particularly attractive to users of commercial and self-developed ticker plants (market data distribution systems) who seek to reduce cost without sacrificing either speed or functionality.

Clients may elect to co-locate their servers within Radez data center space at the Secaucus, New York, or Chicago locations, or they may access the data via cross-connects to their own space.

"Being located at the site of three SFTI-pops has allowed us to extend the SFTI network into NY4. More importantly, being located in four major facilities and interconnecting these facilities as we have done provides our clients with a network that incorporates all of SFTI and extends beyond that to include many other exchange feeds," said Mike Eichin, director of market data operations for Essex Radez. "Most importantly, it allows us to offer direct exchange feed access and execution connectivity, with unparallelled latency performance, at a fraction of the price clients would pay for other alternatives," continued Eichin.

In addition to providing the exchange feeds in real-time, Radez has made its historical tick data available at the NY4 site. Providing three years of complete history on key North American feeds (including OPRA), the service is used by Radez clients to test new strategies prior to placing them in production.