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SCA for Event Processing and PubSub…

TIBCO Software : Paul Vincent - 1st January 1970

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Thanks to TIBCO's Scott Vorthmann for updating me on the SCA-Assembly-Extensions-for-Event-Processing-and-Pub/Sub draft, which was reported on InfoQ a few months ago. This seems to be mostly an Oracle + IBM effort, and seemingly is occuring outside of OASIS, which seems strange if it is true.

  • There is some interesting commentary on its relevence versus the WS-Eventing / -Notification efforts. Possibly all these are together in the same logjam. Some of the associated comments seem to make the case that there is a difference between message processing and event processing - even if most CEP tools utilise messaging systems as transports for events, the appearance of a message *is* an event, etc….
  • This SCA effort seems to have similarities with the OMG Event Metamodel and Profile initiative - indeed "SCA-AE4EP&PS" would likely be an input to EMP (if either take off).
  • Work seems to be progressing on an initial implementation anyway as a part of the Apache Tuscany project - they have a page on event processing too - but one gets the impression the differences between services, components, and event processing components might be a problem here.


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