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Kyte Group goes live with AlgoSpan's AlgoNet platform

First Published 28th January 2013

Kyte Group to access AlgoSpan low latency infrastructure and exchange network

Peter Green, CEO, Kyte

Peter Green, CEO, Kyte

"Kyte Group is delighted to add AlgoSpan as one of our key infrastructure providers."

London & New York - AlgoSpan has announced that The Kyte Group has gone live with its low latency exchange market access platform, AlgoNet.

The Kyte Group and their clients can now access the AlgoNet low latency European exchange network, including co-location at all major venues.

Dr Rami Habib, co-founder and Director of AlgoSpan quotes, "Kyte Group is one of the leading integrated clearing, broking and Direct Market Access service providers and AlgoSpan is committed to providing the best possible infrastructure to them and their clients. AlgoSpan understands the need for fast exchange access and connectivity."

AlgoSpan also offers low latency normalised market data (AlgoData), for European Exchange/MTF trading venues. "Good quality, low latency market data is critical for any trader that is looking for best execution with the ability to route orders to the most effective venue. AlgoSpan have built both the infrastructure and the low latency normalisation to make this readily accessible." quotes Dr Habib.

Peter Green CEO of The Kyte Group Limited said, "Kyte Group is delighted to add AlgoSpan as one of our key infrastructure providers. We have been impressed with the quality of service and the technology on offer and we are pleased to be using AlgoSpan internally as well as offering access to the infrastructure to our clients."