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Latency still rules but the focus is shifting, AT survey shows

First Published 1st August 2013

The race to zero still remains relevant as latency dependence falls, but the focus is moving. Find out where with the Automated Trader survey of global trading trends.

Steffen Gemuenden, CTO, RTS Realtime Systems

Steffen Gemuenden, CTO, RTS Realtime Systems

"The marginal gains where execution are concerned have now become so small that firms are putting other parts of their trade processes under the microscope to find precious fragments of time."

The focus on pure execution latency is changing as marginal gains shrink, forcing firms to examine their overall trade processes and concentrate on how they can improve efficiency at an infrastructural level, the latest annual Automated Trader survey of global trading trends found.

As the high frequency trading scene has become more crowded, more and more traders are applying HFT concepts and technology to a much wider range of purposes and time horizons, shifting the focus from pure execution latency to efficiency across the entire process.

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