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MathWorks integrates with FIX Flyer's FIX Engine

First Published 8th October 2015

FIX Engine added to MATLAB with support from FIX Flyer's Managed FIX.

Brian Ross, FIX Flyer

Brian Ross, FIX Flyer

"The partnership between MATLAB and FIX Flyer will remove the complexity of electronic trading for algo developers, quant traders, or any MATLAB user."

New York - MathWorks has announced integration with FIX Flyer's FIX Engine, providing access to FIX-enabled trading systems directly within MATLAB, the high-level language and interactive environment used by engineers and scientists worldwide. MATLAB users in financial services can now access a range of institutional and retail brokers, exchanges, and third-party networks using the FIX protocol for communication. Support for FIX Flyer's FIX Engine trading platform is now available in Trading Toolbox.

By decoupling MATLAB applications from proprietary desktop trading applications, developers can deploy MATLAB algorithms to multiple end users, embed them in other applications, or co-locate them at the exchange of interest. This allows MATLAB users to develop and reuse trading strategies across multiple systems, providing a cost effective approach to managing their trading infrastructure. This approach can also help users scale from individual trading to institutional trading from a single platform.

MATLAB users can begin trading with their trading partners using FIX Flyer's Managed Connectivity service. Users can avoid unnecessary complexity by leveraging FIX Flyer's operations team to certify and monitor FIX connectivity across every asset class.

"With support for network communications using FIX protocols, MATLAB users can move from trading strategy research into live trading with any FIX-compliant system," said Stuart Kozola, computational finance product manager, MathWorks. "This unlocks multiple opportunities for MATLAB users in the finance industry to access market information and execute trade instructions with multiple proprietary and commercial systems, all from within the MATLAB environment."

"The partnership between MATLAB and FIX Flyer will remove the complexity of electronic trading for algo developers, quant traders, or any MATLAB user," said Brian Ross, CEO at FIX Flyer. "Flyer's team of FIX and trade operations specialists will support MATLAB users, enabling them to focus on their trading strategies. We are very happy to be working alongside leaders in our industry such as MathWorks to facilitate access for the financial community to the electronic markets via FIX."

MATLAB experienced FIX users alternatively can also leverage FIX Flyer's enterprise software FIX engine to connect directly with internal and external trading partners.

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