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CQG launches low-latency order routing system, GW 5.0

First Published 19th April 2016

New version reduces order processing latency, some aspects up to ten times faster.

Denver - CQG, the provider of trade routing, market data, and technical analysis, has launched low-latency order routing system, Gateway 5.0. This version significantly reduces order processing latency, with some aspects being up to ten times faster.

The order routing system accepts orders, performs risk checks, and delivers orders to CQG's network of more than forty exchanges. The order routing system is part of CQG's global infrastructure that is not only leveraged by its main suite of products, CQG Integrated Client, CQG QTrader, and CQG M, but is also leveraged by Continuum partners and firms worldwide.

"In a world where every microsecond counts, having an infrastructure that is continuously measured and improved upon is critical. We are very pleased to provide our customers with an even faster order routing system that builds upon our existing high-performance infrastructure," said John Arvanites, CTO of CQG. "This newest release not only reduces order event latencies but allows for higher levels of capacity and throughput for our users and partners throughout the world."