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G. H. Financials & Celoxica release new trading platform

First Published 5th May 2016

Celoxica and G. H. Financials release fully automated, low latency, market data gateway and Risk direct market access (DMA) platform for futures markets.

Celoxica's platform will provide G. H. Financials clients with access to all futures markets, including CME Group trading venues, market data integration and execution with optimised feed handler and DMA risk management and gateways, all with single digit microsecond wire-to-wire performance.

G. H. Financials now permits access for its clients through this managed serviced trading platform, which affords GHF full pre-trade risk and limit controls without degradation in performance.

Increasingly, market participants require higher performing, lower cost trading platforms to effectively access market data and risk controlled execution, to support their varying automated and systematic strategies.

Lee Staines, Global Head of Sales at Celoxica, said: "We are seeing an increase in demand from automated traders who want to focus on their strategies knowing they have the most efficient access to market data and execution venues. Similarly these firms need risk controls, which conform to regulation but don't adversely impact their ability to trade when it matters most. Our partnership with GHF enables this 'next generation' of fast, compliant, and low cost trading platforms."

Mark Phelps, Global Head of Sales & Marketing at G. H. Financials, said:

"It's a well-known trend in the market today that clients are looking for reliable and cost effective low-latency solutions to access the global derivatives markets. Celoxica certainly ticks those boxes, so we are delighted to be able to offer this platform to our existing clients and prospects."