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UK referendum: Joint statement by Deutsche Borse and LSEG

First Published 24th June 2016

Boards continue to recommend that LSEG shareholders vote in favour of the Merger and that Deutsche Börse shareholders tender their shares into the Exchange Offer.

Deutsche Börse and London Stock Exchange Group note the result of the UK Referendum which recorded a majority of votes in favour of leaving the European Union.

The recommended all- share merger of LSEG and Deutsche Börse is not conditional on the outcome of the Referendum. The LSEG Board and the Deutsche Börse Management Board remain fully committed to the agreed and binding merger terms, and continue the process of obtaining the necessary approvals.

The Boards believe that the outcome of the Referendum does not impact the compelling strategic rationale of the Merger. The Boards further believe that the Combined Group's capabilities, including global reach, distribution network across Europe, Asia and America, brand strength, financial resources and deep customer relationships, remain well positioned to serve global customers irrespective of the result of the Referendum.

Joachim Faber, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Deutsche Börse and Chairman of the Referendum Committee, said: "The decision of the UK to leave the EU makes it ever more important to maintain and foster ties between the UK and Europe. We are convinced that the importance of the proposed combination of Deutsche Börse and LSEG has increased even further for our customers and will provide benefits for them as well as our shareholders and other stakeholders."

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