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Interactive Brokers upgrades platform, adds block trading

First Published 27th July 2016

Interactive Brokers has announced the following enhancemennts to its Trader Workstation:

Customized Trading Platform - Clients may now use a Contract Selector to filter out products, regions and exchanges they do not use. TWS users can add traditional trading tools as tabs to display alongside Classic and Mosaic pages.

Adaptive Algo Supports Futures - The Adaptive Algo can now also be used to trade futures, in addition to stock and options.

IB RIA Compliance Center - The RIA Compliance Center aims to help advisors identify and meet compliance rules and obligations as well as help start-up and breakaway advisors. As part of this initiative, IB provides advisors with a list of Preferred Providers that offer Compliance-related services, some at a discount.

IB's Block Trading Desk - Investors with large orders can outsource their trading needs with IB's Block Trading Desk. For orders in excess of 10,000 shares and 100 option contracts the live broker desk offers no phone queue time or hold time.