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FIA introduces interactive version of SEF Tracker

First Published 12th September 2016

FIA statement on introduction of interactive version of SEF Tracker.

FIA has introduced a major upgrade of its SEF Tracker data service. The new version uses Tableau data visualization software to create interactive displays of volume and market share data for interest rate swaps, credit default swaps, and foreign exchange products traded on SEFs. The data can be filtered by currency, date, asset class and SEF, and the resulting displays can be downloaded in several formats.

At this stage the new version of SEF Tracker is only available to current subscribers. It is still in beta mode and the functionality and the displays will be refined based on feedback from users.

Subscribers can click the links below to view the displays, and use the inquiry form within SEF Tracker to comment on the experience.

Overview Dashboard: a high-level view of monthly volume trends and year-to-date SEF market share.

In-Depth Dashboard: designed for a closer look at volume and market share information in each asset class.