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ITG launches Volume Participation Forecasting tool

First Published 27th September 2016

ITG's online tool forecasts market volumes every 15 minutes during the trading day.

New York - ITG, the independent broker and financial technology vendor, has announced the launch of the Volume Participation Forecaster App, an online tool that aims to answer essential single-day trading questions by forecasting market volumes every 15 minutes during the trading day.

The application uses data from recent market conditions along with historical average values to forecast how quickly those conditions are likely to return to their median values.

Ian Domowitz, Head of Analytics at ITG said: "The Volume Participation Forecaster App gives users the ability to anticipate likely market volumes, demonstrating the power of next generation decision-support tools."

The Volume Participation Forecaster App is available free of charge on the ITG Analytics Incubator, along with several other liquidity cost and volatility index applications including the ITG Equity Trading Cost Index and the ITG FX Trading Cost Index.