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Marex Spectron launches NEON technology platform

First Published 29th September 2016

Commodities broker Marex Spectron announces NEON Platform, a trading, risk and data platform.

London - By combining three key proprietary services, NEON Trader, NEON Risk and NEON Data, together with flexible connectivity (NEON Connect), Marex Spectron is offering a straightforward single technology platform for commodity traders. A mobile device application - NEON Mobile - is also in the beta stage of development and is currently set for a fourth quarter rollout.

· NEON Trader provides traders with Direct Market Access to global commodity and financial exchanges. Additional functionality includes algorithmic commodity trading suites and intelligent execution options, leveraging off Marex Spectron's proprietary research and knowledge in the commodity space.

· NEON Risk enables risk and trading practices. By quantitatively and dynamically setting and balancing risk limits, according to specific clearing house methodologies (VAR/SPAN), traders can more effectively trade and balance multiple positions without breaching agreed limits.

· NEON Data includes various proprietary metals and energy data, along with other exchange published data feeds

· NEON Connect adds third party system-to-system connectivity options via FIX or API.