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Convergex launches new options algo

First Published 12th October 2016

Convergex Darkest options trading algorithm probes markets for hidden liquidity.

New York - Convergex has launched Darkest, a new options trading algorithm. Designed to provide both buy and sell-side clients with enhanced flexibility and functionality, Darkest is a low impact, cost effective liquidity seeking algorithm.

The Darkest options trading algorithm can operate passively, systematically probing the market for hidden liquidity while remaining concealed; or it can operate aggressively, taking liquidity if it becomes available.

Convergex said the new algorithm is also cost effective as it will only take liquidity from a user-specified list of exchanges. Darkest complements Convergex's NXP options ATS, which provides increased options market liquidity and potential price improvement opportunities.

Other key features of Darkest include:

  • Low market impact - invisible to the marketplace;
  • User-specified time intervals discreetly probe exchanges (and NXP) for liquidity;
  • Available in Convergex's BLAZE GUI or over API; and
  • Customizable to meet client objectives.