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ABN AMRO joins R3 blockchain consortium

First Published 1st November 2016

R3 adds ABN AMRO to distributed ledger consortium.

Arjan van Os, ABN AMRO

Arjan van Os, ABN AMRO

ABN AMRO has recently joined R3, an innovation firm focused on new generation technologies for the financial sector.

Arjan van Os, Head of ABN AMRO's Innovation Centre: "We already spend a lot of time developing and testing new technologies, on our own and together with other parties. One such example is the 'distributed trust technology', also known as block-chain technology. R3 offers the scale and organisation to develop 'finance grade' applications at a broad and international level based on this new technology."

ABN AMRO also participates in other consortiums, including Digital Asset Holdings and the Linux Hyperledger Project, to develop block-chain and other technologies. The bank also collaborates with IBM and experiments on the Ethereum platform in various fields.