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TP ICAP completes asset acquisition from research and analytics provider Burton-Taylor

First Published 30th January 2017

TP ICAP's data & analytics division completes asset acquisition from research and analytics specialist Burton-Taylor and hires Douglas Burton Taylor.

Frank Desmond, TP ICAP

Frank Desmond, TP ICAP

London - TP ICAP's data & analytics division has acquired certain assets of market research, analytics and business consulting firm Burton-Taylor International Consulting. The transaction is TP ICAP's first asset acquisition.

With the acquisition of the Burton-Taylor assets and the introduction of the Burton-Taylor business line, TP ICAP plans to increase the depth of data it delivers to clients and expand its services into new sectors, making Data & Analytics a key part of TP ICAP.

Frank Desmond, CEO at TP ICAP's data and analytics division, said: "This transaction further expands our global data and analytics division, which already includes Tullett Prebon Information, ICAP Information Services and PVM Data Services, covering real-time price information from the wholesale inter-dealer brokered financial markets. Doug's high profile, sharp insights and strong business leadership will be an asset to our team. Together, we will enhance the range of Doug's services, providing clients with valuable insights to inform their decision making and business planning."