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NICE Actimize solution automates evidence gathering

First Published 20th March 2017

NICE Actimize Investigation Management solution automates evidence gathering.

Joe Friscia, Nice Actimize

Joe Friscia, Nice Actimize

Hoboken, NJ - NICE Actimize, the provider of a single financial crime, risk, and compliance software platform, has announced the NICE Actimize Investigation Management solution, which can improve investigations by automating evidence gathering and discovery processes. The solution leverages automation tools and analytics to help analysts to focus on reducing an organization's risk rather than on time-consuming and mundane tasks of each investigation.

"Automation with the intent of empowering investigators has become the leading focus for many institutions as they work to optimize their operations and better meet complex regulatory requirements," said Joe Friscia, President, NICE Actimize. "Analysts are currently spending too much time on manual and repetitive tasks, leading to unintentional errors along the way, thereby increasing costs and lowering productivity. These new tools also encourage and enable collaboration leading to more efficient investigations and lowered risk."

NICE Actimize Investigation Management helps automate and improve investigations in three ways. First, the solution automatically acquires, extracts, and stores evidentiary data and new entities, linking them to create actionable entity insights. Additionally, the solution provides guided visual network analysis, showing relations and patterns to help make informed decisions. Last, the solution helps investigators to collaborate through real time notifications and communications.

NICE Actimize also recently introduced its Quality Assurance and Productivity Studio solutions. When combined with NICE Actimize's case management solution, these three products can lower costs, reduce risk, and offer a higher level of consistency across the organization.