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Algomi & OpenFin bring open stack tech to fixed income markets

First Published 18th April 2017

Move to HTML5 allows Algomi to rapidly deploy software and roll out updates in response to client needs and changing market conditions.

Mazy Dar, OpenFin

Mazy Dar, OpenFin

New York - Algomi, the provider of information-matching solutions for fixed income liquidity, has announced a partnership with OpenFin, the common operating layer for financial desktop applications.

Algomi will use OpenFin's operating layer to deploy new versions of the firm's Synchronicity Software as a Service (SaaS) solution for the sell-side and its Honeycomb solution for the buy-side.

Algomi built a new common framework using HTML5, which will now underpin all of its applications. Using OpenFin, Algomi aims to deliver its software updates faster, more securely and with greater interoperability with a client's existing technology. With OpenFin, applications can be updated from a common source rather than individually on every machine.

Mazy Dar, CEO and co-founder of OpenFin said, "At OpenFin, we help companies throughout the financial industry to 'move fast' and 'break nothing'. Our operating environment gives change-resistant capital markets the ability to keep pace with the rapid innovation cycle that is emerging in the industry. We welcome Algomi to a group that includes dozens of the most well-known names in banking - including several of Algomi's own clients."