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Thomson Reuters boosts ESG data solutions in Eikon with SASB Materiality Framework application

First Published 17th May 2017

Insight360 SASB Edition app is the first ESG data analytics platform that fully integrates SASB's Materiality Framework to assess investment opportunities and risks in real time.

Janine Guillot, SASB

Janine Guillot, SASB

New York - Thomson Reuters has improved its environmental, social and governance (ESG) capabilities with the addition of the Insight360 SASB Edition, an app that gives the buy-side the ability to leverage the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board's (SASB) Materiality Framework to identify investment opportunities and manage risks with near real-time ESG data. Developed by TruValue Labs, the app is available through App Studio, Thomson Reuters third-party development suite on its flagship desktop product Eikon.

Insight360 SASB Edition uses artificial intelligence to provide real-time ESG metrics for 8,000+ public companies worldwide, with data collected from more than 75,000 sources. With the new app, users can apply the SASB Materiality filter for both Thomson Reuters robust ESG data with over 400+ metric and TruValue Labs real-time analysis. The app enables investment professionals to leverage these industry-specific ESG factors that drive company valuation to construct portfolios, monitor company performance, and report to clients and colleagues.

Pradeep Menon, global head of Investment and Advisory, Thomson Reuters said: "Insight360 SASB Edition helps clients get a view of their portfolio's sustainability impact in near real-time, which is especially useful when breaking news and other events can rapidly change the markets."

"We are delighted to see Thomson Reuters launch the first ESG application from TruValueLabs, built to incorporate SASB's materiality framework," said Janine Guillot, SASB's Director of Capital Markets Policy & Outreach. "The combination of Thomson Reuters ESG data and TruValue Labs real-time insights mapped to SASB's framework will give investors a great view of how companies are managing the sustainability issues that are likely to drive value."