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NICE Actimize introduces Robotic Process Automation for risk and compliance

First Published 22nd May 2017

NICE Actimize RPA, integrated with Actimize Case Management, lowers the cost of compliance and increases investigator productivity.

Joe Friscia, NICE Actimize

Joe Friscia, NICE Actimize

NICE Actimize, the provider of a financial crime, risk, and compliance software platform, has launched NICE Actimize Robotic Process Automation (RPA), a technology intended to free up investigators from low value, high volume manual tasks. NICE Actimize is integrating RPA within its existing NICE Actimize Enterprise Risk Case Manager solution to lower the cost of compliance and potentially increase investigator productivity up to 50 percent.

Robotic Process Automation has been an integral part of the NICE product portfolio for nearly seven years. NICE Actimize is leveraging this heritage by applying RPA technology to its financial crime solutions suite. The technology offers both attended robotic automation, which works side by side with an analyst to support their daily tasks as needed, and unattended robotic process automation in which a digital workforce is deployed to complete tasks.

"The data challenge isn't going away, and investigations aren't getting simpler," said Joe Friscia, President, NICE Actimize. "Robotic Process Automation is the key to better resource utilization, increased accuracy and productivity, and improved return on investment. As we continue to invest in automation and artificial intelligence, we will further integrate our analytics and machine learning competencies into our solutions to ensure greater efficiency and cost savings for our clients. This is the present and future of financial crime compliance."