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Thomson Reuters releases BlockOne IQ to blockchain developers

First Published 14th June 2017

Thomson Reuters explores the applications of blockchain technology through the provision of market data via a smart oracle.

Sam Chadwick, Thomson Reuters

Sam Chadwick, Thomson Reuters

Thomson Reuters has made a smart oracle available in the blockchain ecosystem for lean experimentation purposes. Organizations can now use the smart oracle, BlockOne IQ, to include current and historical market data within their applications, with cryptographic proof that Thomson Reuters is the source.

Sam Chadwick, Director of Strategy in Innovation and Blockchain, Thomson Reuters said: "At our core, Thomson Reuters provides access to aggregated, high quality data and analytics - two characteristics that play well in an oracle and smart contract system - so it's a natural transition for us, and another mechanism to deliver our content to industry participants."

"Bringing trusted and secure external data to the blockchain ecosystem will be hugely beneficial," said John Dwyer, Senior Research Analyst Celent. "This move is coinciding with rapid expansion of new alternative data sets in capital markets and an extraordinary level of innovation across both public and private blockchains."

Oracles are adapter-like mechanisms that bridge the gap between web-based APIs and the blockchain. BlockOne IQ is the Thomson Reuters Oracle that allows blockchain-based applications to include Thomson Reuters data in their automated processes.

Currently, BlockOne IQ is only compatible with Corda and Ethereum, however Hyperledger and other technologies are in the pipeline. The service will be released to R3 and Enterprise Ethereum Alliance members and will also be available to developers via the Thomson Reuters Developer Community.