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Former Tudor PM plans systematic global macro fund

First Published 19th September 2017

Dirk Jeschke, previously a portfolio manager at Tudor Investment Corporation, is planning to launch a hedge fund focused on medium and long-term systematic global macro

Jeschke told Business Insider that, "The main requirement for each core strategy is that it has a sound economic rationale going forward and a long history of strong risk-adjusted returns over a full business cycle. Those core strategies generate return streams from a diversified exposure to asset classes, investment styles, trends and market flows. Due to the diversity of the return streams, I believe I can bring them together in a portfolio that balances their ups and downs and that is robust with respect to short-term volatility, liquidity shocks and business cycle turns."

While Jeschke has said that his fund will "emphasize" systematic strategies, he has not specified to what extent discretionary decision making will influence portfolio management.

The fund, which is set to begin trading in early 2018, will be based in London. No expectation of starting capital has been set, nor is there any confirmation that Tudor will be a seed investor.