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Business Event Modeling vs CEP

TIBCO Software : Paul Vincent - 1st January 1970

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Business Event Processing Elements

Business Event Processing Elements

One of the interesting and unexpected customer use cases for TIBCO BusinessEvents is "business modeling". The idea of complex (aggregate) business events, and the related definitions of concepts, state models and rules, provide a powerful representation tool for business modeling that is also very "easily mapped" to the deployment level - as indeed it must be given that TIBCO BusinessEvents is primarily a deployment platform.

Of course, as far as I know, no-one use TIBCO BusinessEvents just for business event modeling.


But the merger of "business modeling repository" and "executable event processor" is for sure coming closer. The BPM folks have been promoting this for a while now - defining business level models that in some cases are then annoted further with execution details to become managed workflows, or with IT annotations to become automated processes. But of course the "process flow" is but one view of the business world, with other views (such as events, states, rules, decisions) often being just as useful.


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