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Example of Events in the Cloud… tibbr

TIBCO Software : Paul Vincent - 1st January 1970

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A few months ago we speculated that events (and event processing) "in the cloud" would probably appear best suited to some social networking type of application (in addition to the usual Platform-As-A-Service remote "systems center" use case). Lo and behold, TIBCO has introduced a corporate "twitter-type" service called tibbr for distributing messages across an organization, deployed into the cloud, and based on the TIBCO Silver cloud product. Soft of antithesis of MS Sharepoint…

For those wondering on the relevance of tibbr to TIBCO CEP technologies, note that TIBCO Silver exploits TIBCO BusinessEvents CEP technology under the covers. tibbr also exploits TIBCO ActiveSpaces. As for tibbr potentially being used as an event channel for direct processing of tibbr messages in BusinessEvents - well this should certainly be possible, but finding some good use cases might be a challenge.


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