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To ETL or to CEP?

TIBCO Software : Paul Vincent - 1st January 1970

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Evan Levy questioned in his blog whether folks should bother with ETL or just "go direct" and move to Complex Event Processing to coordinate "data" between database-oriented systems. Evan says:

Why not simply tackle the performance problem directly and bypass the database altogether?

Spot on! For some tasks you can deal with the "data record" as it arrives (as an event) and syncronise your systems in real-time. Akin to, or closely related to, "operational MDM"…

Interestingly, Doug Henschen at Intelligent Enterprise posted on a similar topic a few months ago, although I prefer Evan's description of the issues and benefits. Doug's article quoted from a few (new CEP) vendors' marketing department press releases, but unfortunately still managed to fall into a trap or two (one example: no, CEP is not the same as stream processing!).


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