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StreamBase News at SIFMA

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The SIFMA show in New York is always a big week for news for firms that doSifma business in the capital markets. This year, we had so much new news that we issued a series of announcements over the last several weeks. In case you missed any of them, here's a summary of what we're talking about at SIFMA this year.

1. Thomson Reuters Selects StreamBase CEP. This is a huge endorsement from a leader in the capital markets. Thomson Reuters will utilize StreamBase in their open, global, ultra-high speed and resilient network for the financial industry, Elektron, as an integrated element in their Enterprise Platform for Velocity Analytics, as an embedded CEP engine in Thomson Reuters applications, and in their Thomson Reuters Dealing Aggregator FX Trading Solution. We're very honored to be selected by Thomson Reuters!

2. BMF&BOVESPA Selects StreamBase CEP. The largest exchange operator in South America selected StreamBase as their enterprise-wide deployment platform for event-based applications - yet another huge endorsement and evidence of the increased use of CEP for enterprise-wide deployments.

3. StreamBase in Asia: Complex Event Processing in Trading with SunGard. Our partner SunGard recently held a online panel discussion about algorithmic trading, market data management, risk management, and other other applications in Hong Kong with Benjamin Becar, algorithmic trading product management for SunGard in Hong Kong, and Richard Tibbetts, StreamBase CTO. You can watch the replay of the session here.

4. New product release: StreamBase 7. Fantastic new usability, and performance improvements in four different dimensions.

5. StreamBase University Program. Our new program to provide StreamBase software and certification resources to universities to help students learn about the growing field of CEP in school. The StreamBase University Program is integrated with our StreamBase Developer Certification Program and StreamBase Component Exchange community for sharing StreamBase integrations, code examples, frameworks, and adapters.

6. Erjang / Erlang integration and the growing StreamBase Component Exchange Community. The latest contribution from Darach Ennis (@darachennis) has been a big hit in the Erlang community and on SlideShare. Watch it here: Complex Erjang / Erlang Processing with @StreamBase.

7. CEP in Risk Management and Surveillance. CEP isn't just for algo trading anymore! Broad adoption by firms like Thomson Reuters and BMF&BOVESPA, and increasing use in applications such as risk management and surveillance illustrate that CEP is becoming a strategic platform for firms on Wall Street, and for third party developed applications with "CEP Inside."

8. "Faster than a Flash" - MIT Technology Review on CEP for market data risk management. MIT Technology Review published a story on how proprietary trading firm PhaseCapital used CEP to have ZERO bad trades on the day of the flash crash. While other pundits promote fear of a looming "splash crash" - bigger and worse than the "flash crash," we're simply trying to promote firms that are actually doing something about it with innovative technology approaches to make trading safer.

I'll be at the show in New York this week and addressing questions on Twitter about these developments and others at @mrkwpalmer.