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Automated Trader Magazine Issue 11 Q4 2008

Okay, so that was the collapse of western capitalism. But were you thinking what we were thinking? Every time a bank collapsed, a market hit the floor (and fell through to the sub-basement) and a hedge fund … proved not to be a hedge after all, we thought: it’s news, yes, but is it machine-readable? You’ll find our search for an answer  here . And as we look up from the valley of the crash towards the sunlit uplands of next year, you might want to  click here , where Ben Van Vliet, Carl Ververs and Phil Perkins of the Institute for Market Technology talk about speeding up the development of new trading models. Even if that really is sunlight, and not another bonfire of the valuations, let’s be ready for it sooner rather than later.

For our Buyside Profile  here , we spoke to Brad Preston, Quantitative Analyst at Mergence in Cape Town, about the firm’s evolving use of algorithms and automation across its mix of absolute-return fund, multi-strategy hedge fund and long-only fund. Then, back in London, we spoke to Miles Kumaresan, Head of Quantitative Trading at TransMarket Group, about the development of the company’s High Frequency Quantitative Trading Group.  Click here  to find Mr Kumaresan.

As you might guess, our strategy recently has been to stay close to the experts. So  here , in our Anatomy of an Algo regular feature, you will find a fascinating account of how a buyside trader might use a specialised implementation shortfall algorithm to buy into an illiquid stock, and  here , you’ll find some strongly expressed views on the short-selling bans and the security of margin deposits in the event of a clearer’s failure. There’s an investigation into post-MiFID Europe  here , and  here , you’ll find one BRIC that certainly doesn’t seem to be crumbling.

There’s light at the end of the tunnel. And it’s getting closer …

Enjoy the issue.
William Essex
Editor Issue 11

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