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Automated Trader Magazine Issue 17 Q2 2010

If you’ve ever shopped at a grocery store, you’ll know that barcodes aren’t new. The little square barcodes – QR codes – we’re using this month aren’t new either – they were developed in Japan in 1994 (more on that, and how to use them, on page 107). They’re handy little widgets, and as you might expect, there’s even an app to go with them (again, see page 107). So if that’s a smartphone in your pocket, and you want to see (for example) the full videotaped interview from which we’ve quoted just a couple of comments in an article, or perhaps to get straight to a piece of software we’ve reviewed, or even occasionally to make your own direct contact with an industry figure we’re profiling – scan the dots. They’re not everywhere this month, but from now on, the general principle is: if you see a QR code, you’ll know that there’s more to the page than just the printed content.

Oh, and if you’d like a practice shot, try the square on the left. In keeping with the general idea that these things are a value-add, you don’t just get a few words of welcome from – actually, me – you also get Andy Webb talking about his visit to the Tokyo Stock Exchange to discuss the new “arrowhead” low-latency electronic trading platform (page 28) and his review of RTS Tango Trader (page 83), plus some distinctly thought-provoking remarks from Martin Gymer (page 69) on what happens if you leave it to a head- hunter to recruit the talent you need to run your high-performance, low- latency, smarter order-routing, mission-critical, probably over-sensitive and possibly even neurotic automated trading kit. Headhunters may know about reading CVs, but they don’t know much about markets and machines.

And while we’re speaking of machines, don’t miss Larry Levy’s extended interview with Duncan MacInnes, CEO of Xenfin Capital on page 34. Nor indeed Barry Johnson’s enquiry into the practicalities of news analysis (page 20). If we could find an effective method of exploiting a wider range of “para- market” events – we’d have been busy making money while waiting for that ash cloud to disperse.

We had quite a debate about where to put the COVER STORY tag this month. There’s talk of latency reduction in just about every feature - from Andy’s piece on “arrowhead” to Bob Giffords on cloud computing. But I think we got it right in the end – turn to page 56 and judge for yourself.

Big issues justify a bigger issue, don’t you think?
Have a good – extended – read.

William Essex


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