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Automated Trader Magazine Issue 02 July 2006

One of the problems in financial publishing is striking a balance between comprehensibility and the cutting edge. Some magazines prefer to stick with the first and just publish “trend” articles – asking an assortment of participants for their views on the most obvious industry trends. Others, usually with an academic bias, go to the other extreme and publish the latest and best research in a particular field – but complete with all the mathematical hieroglyphics.

The problem with the former approach is that it doesn’t tell you much you don’t already know. If you’re a professional in the auto/algo business and a trend is already hot – you’ll know about it. The snag with the latter approach is that it may tell you plenty you don’t know about the latest and greatest financial modelling techniques, but in language that is incomprehensible. Quants may lap up pages of equations and econometric terminology, but what about the rest of us?

As you might expect, Automated Trader takes a different approach. One of our editorial objectives is to deliver this sort of top flight research, but written in a manner that is accessible to the business reader. “New Concepts in Cost and Impact Modelling” in this issue is a great example. Dan diBartolomeo’s research involves some ferocious mathematics, but Dan was kind enough to give up his time assisting our writer so we could explain it all in layman’s language.

That brings me to another editorial objective. At first glance AT looks like a selection of “contributed articles” – it isn’t. Contributed articles have a reputation for sometimes verging on advertorial and being hawked around multiple magazines. Not in AT. The vast majority of AT articles are written in-house after interviewing the contributor concerned. This editorial model gives AT access to otherwise unavailable material from industry professionals who have huge expertise but no time.

Finally, where we cover industry trends – we’re looking to spot them before the herd. Read much about the effect of auto/algo trading on hedge fund back offices recently? Try page 62.

Andy Webb - Editor Issue 02

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