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Automated Trader Magazine Issue 26 Q3 2012

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Automated Trader readers are a demanding bunch (we wouldn’t have you any other way), so we’re always looking to give you that extra bit of value. That’s why, in this issue, we’ve significantly increased the number of in-depth articles. Many of these articles also include additional content only available at Just follow the links in the articles to find the extra content.

AT readers also don’t tend to miss much, so it won’t take you long to notice that we have two major themes running through this issue – India and regulation.

India might have lagged western financial markets for some time, but it’s catching up fast. If you’re not trading there yet, we think there’s a good chance that you soon will be. Mary-Ellen Barker, who spoke to players inside and outside of India to tap their views, learns how this enormous, fast-changing country has embraced algorithmic trading and assesses what kind of growth we might expect. Read all about it on page 14.

We also have interviews that probe the rapidly expanding asset management scene in India – from the modestly sized Sharekhan Limited in First Person on page 8 to the Asian fund giant Eastspring in Me and My Machine on page 24. To top it off, on page 30, we hear from Hirander Misra on how an intense battle among Indian exchanges could evolve.

On the regulatory side, many of you might be wondering whether you’ll still have a viable business model once the slew of possible regulatory changes work their way through their bureaucratic process. The big concern is over the consequences that might result from the decisions being made under what’s been referred to as a “high frequency regulation” regime. So, we begin on page 38 by looking at the Foresight project, a British government-sponsored attempt to shine the bright light of objective research into global markets. But is it too late?

Meanwhile, on page 44, Bob Giffords discovers what the market thinks might happen if any of the ideas aimed at reining in high frequency trading actually do become law. We finish our regulatory tour on page 52 with a look at the viability of efforts to regulate the colossal OTC market.

Andy Webb gets back to more familiar territory with a look at what’s happening at the CME in Exchange Views on page 58. Anatomy of an Algo on page 68 illustrates the use of a multi-asset algo, and on page 77 the Wrecking Crew set about KaiTrade’s K2RTDKit.

It’s a bumper issue and we hope you all enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed researching and writing it.

Adam Cox

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