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Automated Trader Magazine Issue 27 Q4 2012

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As a journalist, I’m always happy to know that my articles are being read. I personally prefer the readers to be human, but I’ll settle for machines. Machine-readable news is taking the market by storm, so we wanted to know what all the fuss was about. One thing I was surprised to learn was that the concept was being written about as early as the 1950s. Back then, Natural Language Processing was a distant vision and computers were too puny to make real headway. Find out just how far the industry has come in figuring out how to read billions of articles, blogs and tweets on page 22. We also investigate the nuts and bolts of unstructured data on page 34. And you can learn what CEP specialist StreamBase thinks about where the technology is headed in Tech’s Message on page 38.

In the second of our issues that looks at the BRICs, we travel to China to feast on crispy fried duck and algorithmic trading insights. China is well known for fostering a generation of some of the smartest, hardest-working people on the planet. We talk to one of them, Charles Huang, in Me and My Machine on
page 80. He’s one of the few investors on the mainland who has incorporated automation into his trading methods. Mary-Ellen Barker writes about the outlook for more companies to use algorithmic strategies in China (page 70) and also reports on the vibrant scene in Hong Kong (page 76).

From the throngs of China to the backwoods of Pennsylvania, where Mike Dever is the subject of First Person on page 14. At a renovated old mill on a scenic country road, this automation pioneer trades everything from orange juice to lumber. A new feature in this edition: the first of our “Dequantification” columns, where we check in on the academic community to discover what new research is likely to change the way you do business. Learn about the stochastic control approach to pairs trading on page 98.

Many exchanges are content to focus on one asset class. Not LMAX. This fast- growing exchange tells Andy Webb all about the meaning of agility on page 56. Our thirst for knowledge also gets slaked on page 92 in Anatomy of an Algo, which chronicles the fate of an algo that sells shares in a famous brewing company. And there’s the always-enlightening Software Review, which looks at ILNumerics and runs the numbers on page 102.

Finally, are you eager to slice a few more milliseconds off your round trip? Then you must read James FitzGerald’s overview of the market’s new love affair with microwave technology on page 48. Before you start humming that Dire Straits song (“Fibre ain’t workin’?...That’s the way you do it....Money for nothin’ and your ticks for free...We gotta install these microwave dishes...”) just remember, this stuff does actually cost money. 

Adam Cox

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