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Automated Trader Magazine Issue 28 Q1 2013

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New year, new asset classes? In our Q1 edition, Automated Trader looks at the tricky business of branching out into new asset classes, with insight from executives, quants, technologists, academics and others. As part of that series, we'll be looking at the proliferation of FX venues after a spree of new platforms emerged in the past year. And as part of the "Algo Traveller" series, we visit another BRIC country. This time, it's Russia, a country where authorities have been taking steps to make the market more appealing to both local and overseas investors.

We kick off the asset class series with our regular First Person interview. Matt Haraburda, head of XR Trading in Chicago, talks to us about what's involved when a firm wants to trade in multiple markets. He should know. Having learned his trade at the CBOT, Haraburda now presides over a firm that makes markets in a wide range of assets.

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