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Automated Trader Magazine Issue 38 Autumn 2015

Featured in this issue

Jae Hong Kil, CEO and Portfolio Manager
Sentiment Alpha Capital Management
An investment management firm that generates quantitative trading strategies from sentiment analysis techniques combined with largescale media data.

Dennis Dijkstra, Co-CEO
Flow Traders
“Safe trading is more important than fast trading.”

Sjoerd Rietberg, Co-CEO
Flow Traders
“We have our own radio frequency network in Europe. There are a lot of technological necessities for us to provide liquidity.”

Bruno Pannetier, CIO
Old Park Capital
“The key to the strategy as a main driver of the performance is simply the frequency at which the strategy is activated.”

Andreas Clenow, CIO
ACIES Asset Management
“People think that you can just take a trend following model and apply it to stocks and frankly, you cannot.”

Gernot Heitzinger, CEO
“I am convinced that there will always be trends as long as markets are driven by human market participants.”

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